Baby Toddler growing up
Breya Charissa Vroomen.

Born 8 okt 2017 in Nakhon Si Thammarat Thailand. 
Breya Charissa is a very enterprising and sometimes verry stubborn young girl who wants to explore the world.

Because Breya Charissa has a mother from Thailand and a father from the Netherlands, she grows up in two worlds and two completely different cultures.

This is accompanied by various events.  In the future we will writing about real situations in the live off Breya Charissa.
We hope that the information on this site will contribute to supporting other parents and their children in their lives. 
Breya Charissa has the Thai nationality and the nationality off the Netherlands. She was born in the Nakarin Hospital in Nakhon Si Thammarat. In Nakhon Si Thammarat live nearly the Complete family from the mother off Breya Charissa.
When you have questions then email to  i am the mother off this young girl
Diaper rash

It is good for parents how to know to treat diaper rash to prevent from getting worse.

Diaper rashes is red in the genital area, painful, grow in warm, moist places. They’re particularly at home in your baby’s diaper. When it get worse visit always a doctor.

It can be come from, irritation by stool and urine, new foods or products, sensitive skin, a too-tight diaper

Changing often diaper(s)
Switching maybe diaper brands
Making sure the diaper fits properly
Try diaper creams and ointments
Considering new foods
Using unscented soaps
Try a oatmeal bath